Volunteer managers seeking professional training or certification have many resources available, both nationally and local. In addition to the Volunteer Management 101 and 201 trainings offered by NOVAA, there are many more professional development opportunities available. 

Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA)

The CVA credential is offered for practitioners in volunteer resources management. Originally developed by the International Association for Volunteer Administration, the program is now sponsored by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA). The certification process consists of an exam offered twice a year. As the profession of volunteer management has grown, and become recognized as an advanced career, more and more organizations are requiring job candidates to hold a CVA. 

To support volunteer managers seeking their certification, NOVAA offers members access to CVA study groups. Study groups meet throughout the year prior to the CVA submission deadlines. To learn more about how to join a study group, visit our section on CVA study groups

The Nonprofit INSTITUTE (NPI)

Portland State University's Institute for Nonprofit Management has become The Nonprofit Institute (NPI), a collaboration with community stakeholders and representatives from PSU's College of Urban and Public Affairs, College of the Arts, the School of Business' Impact Entrepreneurs program, and the School of Social Work's Center to Advance Racial Equity. 

NPI offers a graduate certificate in nonprofit management as well as a Master of Public Administration graduate degree with a nonprofit specialization. 

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