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NOVAA is a nonprofit association for volunteer management professionals, founded in 1982. Volunteer-led, NOVAA offers a variety of programming designed to support the professional development of leaders of volunteers with all levels of expertise. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the field for many years, NOVAA has something to offer everyone become a member today!

We remain committed to providing support and resources for leaders in volunteer management, all our 2021 programming will be hosted remotely. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

We're here to support you.

It’s been a whole year of a pandemic that has upended our lives, and though we are starting to see some glimmer of hope from increased vaccinations and the return of warmer weather that permits outdoor gathering at a distance, this year has worn on us all.

There has been uncertainty, stress, worry, and despair as jobs have been eliminated, and lives lost due to COVID-19 - not to mention an atrocious amount of violence against black, Indigenous, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Trans communities (to name only a few).

This year has been tough. We have come together to support one another throughout this past year through sharing resources and community conversations, and we will continue to do so as the future unfolds. Please reach out to us with any questions or support requests - and know that other members are also available to offer expertise and understanding within the member forum space.

Behind the scenes at NOVAA, our dedicated board, made up of volunteer leaders ourselves, works hard to ensure that everything NOVAA does and shares is relevant and timely to support this community, especially through this year of so much change. Throughout this past year, in particular, we have been having continuous internal conversations exploring what NOVAA can do to be the most equitable, inclusive, accessible and representative organization possible.

Throughout the past year, we have begun updating our bylaws, evaluating our budget to identify areas in which we can offer financial support options, and working to hire a consultant to audit our practices (including the bylaws, and beyond) and help us create a sustainable equity action plan. Through these efforts, we also identified the need to include a DEI Chair position to the board that will ensure we are prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in our work, and cultivate a committee to support expanding representation within the volunteer management community.

It’s an ongoing process and we do not have “results” yet but we wanted to share what we are doing to work toward our goals of acknowledging the impacts of -- and actively working to uproot the systems of racism and white supremacy that permeates close to every facet of our society.

Let’s continue to support each other. We are here for you - please reach out to us if you have  any questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback

Upcoming events

    • December 07, 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Offered remotely via Zoom

    This workshop will explore not only how to get started with implementing DEAI strategies in your volunteer team, but more importantly, how to keep moving forward when it seems your efforts are falling short.

    Learning Objectives include:

    1. How and where to start
    2. Overcoming the fear of saying the wrong thing
    3. Connecting with new communities
    4. Preparing your current team for change
    5. The importance of taking the journey one day, one step at a time
    6. Why resilience will be vital

    Nicole R. Smith is a Panamanian-American, workforce development specialist, published author of Game On! Relentlessly Pursue Your Dreams and the 101 Note-taking Affirmation Journal Series, motivational speaker, blogger, podcast host of From The Suggestion Box; Navigating Feedback The Good The Bad and the Say Whaaatttt??? and dancer.  She earned her Bachelor's degree via a Division I full-ride track scholarship and after graduating, she founded Step It Up! Inc., a non-profit dance organization. Her experience in sports and entertainment, radio, TV and the performing arts has spanned nearly 20 years covering the Chicago, Houston and Miami markets. She has danced and cheered for four professional and semi-professional sports teams, has prepared more than 500 interns to enter the workforce and has inspired crowds upwards of 2000. She was a contributing writer for The Life of a Single Mom for two years and in October 2020 she was awarded an Emerging Leader Award from Alive Impact Awards  for Volunteer Engagement Professionals. In 2019 she was listed as one of WLRN’s “Local Women Who Inspire You” and was selected as one of Legacy Miami’s Most Prominent and Influential Black Women In Business and Industry of 2019. She is passionate about giving back to her community and does so by sitting on the Boards of  the Association for Leaders In Volunteer Engagement, the Arts and Business Council of Miami and Ageless CHIC Magazine.

    • February 10, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Offered remotely via Zoom

    Our diversity can be a strength especially when it comes to motivation and appreciation. Understanding how volunteers are motivated can be key to retaining their partnership and making them feel genuinely appreciated. This workshop will look at three examples for understanding motivation amongst volunteers through a series of short activities and a personal motivation survey. Leaders of volunteers will then discuss the power of gratitude and discuss Languages of Appreciation based on the work of Gary Chapman and Paul White to better understand how they like to be appreciated and to learn how they can flex their appreciation muscle and show gratitude to volunteers who like to be appreciated in ways that differ from them. Be prepared to leave this session with a grateful heart and an understanding of how to express appreciation and motivate volunteers in meaningful ways.

      Faiza Venzant CVA is the Executive Director of the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration. With 20 years of leadership experience in volunteer engagement, she continues this work with a goal of centering community amongst the profession, improving equity and access to volunteerism and increasing diversity amongst professional leaders of volunteers. In 2018, Faiza published her first children’s book entitled, My Mamma Wants to Eat Me Up! As a mother of two young boys, she has not actually eaten any of her children up.

      • February 28, 2022
      • March 01, 2022
      • 2 sessions
      • Offered remotely via Zoom
      • 20

      Are you new to the field?
      Did 'volunteer manager' just get added to your job description?
      Looking to learn 'best practices' to support your organizations volunteer program

      This training is for you! 

      Join us and develop your volunteer program to its fullest potential!

      Our Volunteer Management 101 Training will help you maintain a thriving volunteer base that gets more work done, builds community support and increases your organization's effectiveness. Specifically designed to assist anyone new to volunteer management, this typical one-day training has been modified for our remote reality and will take place via Zoom in two 3.75 hour morning sessions, offering a mix of content presentation, activities, and small group discussions in breakout rooms. The training will cover the following topics and address COVID-19 considerations along the way:

      Day 1: Monday, February 28th 8:15am - 12:00pm
      • Volunteer Program Development
      • Recruitment
      • Understanding Volunteer Motivations
      • Placement, Orientation, and Training
      Day 2: Tuesday, March 1st, 8:30am - 12:00pm
      • Risk Management
      • Supervision
      • Volunteer Recognition
      • Breakout Group topics

      Registration for this event will sign you up for both sessions. Zoom links to join this training remotely will be sent in the week before the event to those who have registered, along with a workbook to be used throughout the training. 

      Trainers: Melia Hadidian Tichenor and Liza Dyer (Bios coming soon)

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