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NOVAA is a nonprofit association for volunteer management professionals, founded in 1982. Volunteer-led, NOVAA offers a variety of programming designed to support the professional development of leaders of volunteers with all levels of expertise. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the field for many years, NOVAA has something to offer everyone become a member today!

We remain committed to providing support and resources for leaders in volunteer management, all our 2021 programming will be hosted remotely. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

We're here to support you.

It’s been a whole year of a pandemic that has upended our lives, and though we are starting to see some glimmer of hope from increased vaccinations and the return of warmer weather that permits outdoor gathering at a distance, this year has worn on us all.

There has been uncertainty, stress, worry, and despair as jobs have been eliminated, and lives lost due to COVID-19 - not to mention an atrocious amount of violence against black, Indigenous, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Trans communities (to name only a few).

This year has been tough. We have come together to support one another throughout this past year through sharing resources and community conversations, and we will continue to do so as the future unfolds. Please reach out to us with any questions or support requests - and know that other members are also available to offer expertise and understanding within the member forum space.

Behind the scenes at NOVAA, our dedicated board, made up of volunteer leaders ourselves, works hard to ensure that everything NOVAA does and shares is relevant and timely to support this community, especially through this year of so much change. Throughout this past year, in particular, we have been having continuous internal conversations exploring what NOVAA can do to be the most equitable, inclusive, accessible and representative organization possible.

Throughout the past year, we have begun updating our bylaws, evaluating our budget to identify areas in which we can offer financial support options, and working to hire a consultant to audit our practices (including the bylaws, and beyond) and help us create a sustainable equity action plan. Through these efforts, we also identified the need to include a DEI Chair position to the board that will ensure we are prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in our work, and cultivate a committee to support expanding representation within the volunteer management community.

It’s an ongoing process and we do not have “results” yet but we wanted to share what we are doing to work toward our goals of acknowledging the impacts of -- and actively working to uproot the systems of racism and white supremacy that permeates close to every facet of our society.

Let’s continue to support each other. We are here for you - please reach out to us if you have  any questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback

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