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Volunteer-donor Database?

  • August 28, 2017 3:48 AM
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    This is a repost from a recent peer-to-peer post from the former NOVAA site. Reposting so the conversation can continue!


    Original Post by: Amy Smetana

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm wondering if there is a database that exists that is robust in both volunteer management and donor relations. We currently use DonorSnap for donors and volunteer tracking, but it cannot do nearly as much as I would like on the volunteer management side of things. I basically just keep track of volunteer contact info and hours in DonorSnap, but can't use if for much more besides that, like receiving applications or creating schedules). 

    I'm interested in getting Volgistics or another volunteer database system, but our Development Director is concerned it'll be difficult to share info between our databases and compare info on our populations. (Like if a volunteer becomes a donor and being able to recognize their relationship/previous engagement with us.) 

    If there isn't a really good database that does both in one central location, what do you do to share volunteer info with the Development team? 



    Response: Vinci Patterson

    Greetoings Amy,
    I am using Vogistics for Volunteer Management.  I am pretty happy with it.  It does not play well with our Development database.  We use them separately.
    Vinci Paterson
    The Grotto


    Response: Margaret Gunther

    Hi Amy,

    Great question! We use Volgistics for volunteer management, and I have used Raiser's Edge, which is donor/constituent oriented. I think Raiser's Edge can also manage volunteers, but I do not think it's as facile as Volgistics. Are you working more in development or volunteer management?

    Margaret Gunther, CVA
    City of Tualatin | Tualatin Public Library 


    Response: Karrie Johnson

    I have many years of experience with Raiser's Edge which I believe is the most popular database that has both donor/volunteer information---- but more heavily used for donor relationship management. I recently worked for a organization that used a Microsoft CRM system. We designed and built it to our own specifications. It was expensie but I loved it--- very user friendly and report functions were marvelous!

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