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Supporting Former Veteran Volunteers

  • December 23, 2019 2:13 PM
    Message # 8368221


    Here is an issue that recently came up for me and my team. We have a volunteer who is a former combat veteran.  This veteran has been aware of, and open to discussing,  the effects of PTSD that they have suffered since coming home. A few days ago this volunteer had a physical reaction to seeing a guest that exhibited cultural markers prevalent in the population in the area they were deployed.  The reaction was such that the other volunteers working at the same station were a bit disturbed. Thankfully the guest was unaware.  

    My question to you all is what are some considerations when supporting veterans who may be dealing with the aftereffects of trauma? I want to appropriately support my volunteer while still making our institution welcoming to all cultures. Any advice or resources any one has would be greatly appreciated.


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