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A service gap exists for nonprofits across Oregon who need to better leverage community support for program enhancement, resource development, and education, but have limited capacity and expertise to do so effectively. This affects smaller organizations with limited funding to hire staff as well as larger organizations that want to move beyond their existing infrastructure and programming. Volunteers are being mobilized, but organizations are not always prepared to engage them in meaningful, satisfying, and mission critical projects, running the risk of disappointing a potential supporter or investing precious resources in activities that bring questionable benefit.

NOVAA represents Portland-area expertise and innovation in engaging the community through volunteer service. Our membership represents a peer learning community of nearly 200 individuals representing over 150 organizations. Our programming offers the wider community training on the nuts and bolts of developing volunteer programs as well as workshops to support seasoned professionals in meeting emerging trends and implementing innovative approaches. We support leaders in volunteer engagement and, through our Trainer Directory, we are now able to reach out to work directly with the organizations who need personalized training and consultation.

Download the NOVAA Trainer Directory

The directory offers information on highly-qualified trainers, including their expertise, availability, and contact information.

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