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Workshop: Carve Your Own Path with Dana Litwin, CVA

  • September 12, 2018
  • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Oregon Food Bank Portland 7900 NE 33rd Drive, Portland


  • *Partner associations includes DVPA, MVVMA, NOVA, WVDO

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"Carve Your Own Path"  incorporates an inspiring personal story with practical examples and exercises of how to advocate for and grow your volunteer administration position and department even in the most rigid of structures or dysfunctional environments. 

This workshop has three main aspects to advocating for yourself and your programs:

 1. Identify your unique gifts/superpowers: There might be a skill you have or activity you enjoy away from work that can contribute to the success of the agency/program and further your career. Breaking out of the common 'martyr syndrome' of volunteer management and seeing yourself as empowered and in control of your destiny, even in challenging circumstances (see #3)! 

2. Persuasion: Knowing your communication style, and the style of those you want to persuade or influence, with techniques adapted from the Merrill-Reid social styles. How to find and use common language for better agreement (win-win-win scenarios) between individuals and departments (Volunteer Services vs. Development, as just one example). 

3. Countering toxicity: Understanding when and how to apply the first two aspects, especially within a toxic agency or department culture, for your own personal and program success.

Dana Litwin, CVA is a transformational coach, strategic advisor, and public speaker with a background in team building and environmental conservation. For over 15 years, she has guided organizations in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and nationwide to produce breakthrough volunteer and community engagement programs, as well as board and advisory committee development. Drawing upon 20+ years in improv theater, Dana delivers innovative, humorous and engaging keynote addresses and seminars, in addition to customized training, educational materials, and multi-media presentations.


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