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Workshop: Mission-Essential Skills for the 21st Century Leader of Volunteers with Barry Altland

  • April 25, 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • The Grotto 8840 NE Skidmore St, Portland


  • *Partner association includes: DVPA, MVVMA, NOVA, & WVDO

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As a Leader of Volunteer Engagement, you likely already know that your role deserves greater respect for the potential impact you generate for you organization, its mission and its beneficiaries. But, what can you do to ensure you are deserving of that elevated status of regard for the difference you make. 

One answer: Become the absolute most effective Leader of people you can be. 

Leaders who engage in this morning, afternoon, or day-long learning session will build their acumen through a variety of open learning conversations and skill-building exercises. The highly interactive workshop will impart knowledge and skills that touch on every phase of The Volunteer Life Cycle:

  • Attraction: moving beyond recruitment to a sustainable Leadership and culture creation strategy for drawing Volunteers to serve alongside your organization. 
  • Discovery: developing Volunteer interview questions that reveal the intrinsic drivers of individuals called to serve through you. 
  • Engagement: leveraging feedback using The R-B-I/B-I-F Feedback Model to guide Volunteer performance to optimal levels. 
  • Sustainment: establishing a Coaching relationship with you dedicated Volunteers, and embracing a more meaningful Recognition strategy to deepen their emotional connection with their services and its outcomes. 
  • Redirection: knowing the steps to take and the details to first consider, to address when a Volunteer experience is not going well.
For the Leaders of Volunteer Engagement (LoVE) profession, elevating your acumen is mission-essential in the 21st century! Join this lively day of learning to take your daily Leadership practices to even greater heights. 

Attendees will receive a copy of Engaging the Head, Heart, and Hands of a Volunteer. 

Barry Altland is a writer, speaker, thought leader, non-profit executive and published author of the books: 'Engaging the Head, Heart, and Hands of a Volunteer,' a simple guide for feeding the passion of those who serve. Barry blends world-class leadership principles for the for-profits world with his own numerous experiences as a volunteer and leader of volunteers to offer a fresh perspective on volunteer engagement. The result of the experience is rich guidance for leaders of volunteers to help them lead with Otherliness. As leaders embrace Barry's unique perspective, they develop into leaders better prepared of touch the hearts of volunteers by engaging them... one person at a time. 

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